E3 Cortex

We offer a complete set of services to facilitate, accelerate or outsource your packaging activities. 

Packaging Approval on Request 

With more than thirty years’ experience in packaging hazardous products and more than 300 certificates and extensions for le packing regulated products, E3 Cortex carries out studies, design, prior testing and approval of packaging for its customers.

Provide dry ice 

With its geographic position (near CDG airport) E3 Cortex can load your packages with dry ice just before shipping in order to optimise thermal resistance of your packaging and thus preserve your products under optimal conditions.  


With staff specially trained in packaging regulated products, E3 Cortex packs your products in adherence to existing rules in order to transport hazardous products. Your products are ready to ship in conditions of complete safety. 


We have the necessary infrastructure to store your hazardous products in complete compliance. This service allows our customers to outsource this specific storage which is often problematic and requires significant investment. Our storage capacity has now increased to 600m²

Trans-filling, filling 

In order to meet specific quantitative restrictions for each type of transport, we trans-fill your hazardous products with the material needed to meet current standards

Compliance / Establishment of DGDs 

We check your packages of hazardous products before shipping to minimise the risk of customs delays related to poor packaging, marking or packing. We take charge of writing shipping declarations for hazardous materials using a software which is specific for this use in order to ensure that no errors are made. 

Test de résistance


Our design office is at your disposal to assist you in the thermal validation of your packaging. Our test laboratory has all the necessary equipment, COFRAC-controlled, to carry out positive or negative cold tests on your products from -80°C to +55°C and/or according to your standards.

AOG service round-the-clock

A packing service and a service to prepare shipping documents was established to deal with providing parts rapidly in order to meet the needs of aeronautics manufacturers. We also handle your hazardous products from entry into the warehouse to delivery to their destination.