Standardized boxes
This product protects you against the following risks:

Corrosif 8



Miscellaneous 9

Nocif environnement

Non flammable/nontoxic



Packages suited for transport of all hazardous materials, except for classes 7 and 6.2.

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Internal dimensions (mm)
Maxi Gross Weight Allowed Cardboard conditioned
Maxi Gross Weight Allowed Packaging primary
Technical specifications of the product
Technical data
  • Assembly in less than 2 minutes
  • Complies with regulation in force (IATA, IMDG, RID, ADR)
  • All references standardized in 4GV, allowing use of all types of interior container. * Should be used with an absorbant (= vermiculite)
  • Delivered with pack
  • Available in stock 
ReferenceDimensions int. (mm)Maxi Gross Weight Allowed Cardboard conditionedMaxi Gross Weight Allowed Packaging primary
3CAH000958140X140X2503.1 kg2.3 kg
3CAH000969200X200X3007.6 kg6 kg
3CAH000961300X200X20011.5 kg6.5 kg
3CAH000974300X300X20012 kg9 kg
3CAH000977300X300X30018 kg15 kg
3CAH000945400x300x30024 kg21 kg
3CAH000948400x300x40020.5 kg23.5 kg
3CAH000981400X400X40040 kg31 kg
3CAH000984500X360X31034 kg26 kg
3CAH000987600X400X40061 kg47.5 kg
3CAH0009551000x400x40068 kg46 kg
3CAH000942855x670x430151 kg123 kg
3CAH0009631170x770x540293 kg237 kg
3CAH000951950x740x550238 kg194 kg
3CAH0009541170x770x740390 kg315 kg
3CAH11771170x770x740253 kg174 kg

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